Strategies for Getting More Than 1,000 App Downloads

Strategies for Getting More Than 1,000 App Downloads

You have created a great app. Maybe it’s a game, maybe it’s an educational tool, or maybe it is a productivity app. Whatever it is, you’ve worked hard on your creation, and you want the general public to love it just as much as you do. Of course, in the app world, showing love can be translated in downloads. This leads to the next step. How do you get people to download your app, or more specifically, how do you earn more than 1,000 downloads as quickly as possible. You can start out by applying these 5 strategies.

Send Requests for Reviews to Major App Review Sites

If your app has been reviewed on popular app review websites such as pocket gamer, you can significantly increase the likelihood of your app being downloaded by interested users. Simply send a request to have your app reviewed, along with some compelling information about yourself and what drove you to create your product.

Start with a Free Product

Many new app developers blanch at the idea of providing a free product, but the truth is this is a great way to get people to download your app. Don’t worry. Launching as a free app doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to monetize in the near future. You can always launch professional or premium versions later on that have additional features or levels. Read More…

Strategies for Getting More Than 1,000 App Downloads

This App Will Change The Way You Buy Art

This App Will Change The Way You Buy Art

Standing in Pace MacGill, an art gallery in midtown Manhattan, the art market researcher-cum-entrepreneur Magnus Reschopened an app on his iPhone and beamed. “Take a picture of an artwork,” he said, handing over his phone, which displayed a salmon-red and white interface bearing the logo “Magnus.”

A button on the screen was dutifully pressed, and the artwork in question—a 1973 image by the photographer Hiro, which was presented without a label on the gallery’s wall—appeared, after a beat, on the phone, correctly identified. But the app didn’t just display the artwork; it loaded, unprompted, the photograph’s title, attribution, dimension, price ($20,000), and, further down on the screen, a history of past work and exhibitions by the artist.

“It’s the Shazam of the art world,” Resch said, still smiling. Read More…

This App Will Change The Way You Buy Art


Six Ways In Which Mobile Apps Can Benefit Small Businesses

The recurrent question about the necessity of mobile apps for small businesses has only one answer: clients and customers have become increasingly reliant on mobile phones. In recent years, surveys have shown that an increasing percentage of the consumer crowd are moving towards the use of mobile Internet. Researchers claim that very soon, the percentage of people accessing the Internet from their cell phones can even surpass the number of desktop users. Hence, for small businesses to thrive successfully, it is important that they come up with applications that assist customers to have easy access to their products and services. In this article, I will enlist seven advantages of developing mobile apps for small businesses.



The market is yet to be flooded with mobile applications. Therefore, if a small business can develop a mobile app that is useful and functional, then there are high probabilities that consumers and clients will download the application on their cell phones and use it to get relevant information. Apps are a perfect way of augmenting the uniqueness of a product in the market.


The biggest advantage of a mobile app is that small businesses can use it to push their notifications.
By using an app, owners can directly send out messages to customers regarding discounts, offers and deals. A survey shows that almost 90% of customers who use a particular app launched by a company receive notifications within 45 seconds of intimation.

Therefore, a mobile app is an essential tool for building business relationships, and more importantly, gaining the consumers’ trust. An app can be used to send reminders, notify customers about new arrivals and offers, post latest developments on the Internet or social networking sites, etc.


Mobile apps are apt for generating online traffic. Be it a virtual store, or a brick-and-mortar store, a well designed app can help to increase the inbound traffic to a business website. Moreover, with every individual owning a smartphone, it is even more profitable to develop apps that can be accessed and used to gain information. The easier it is for the customer to find important information, the better are the conversion rates. A good mobile app will thus attract more traffic to a website.



A business with a mobile app facilitates the customers’ desire to purchase items at any point of time, and from any place. It is a convenient, easy and quick way of purchasing products.
By using an app, clients can access the website at any point of time. This naturally means that they can choose products and buy them by using their smartphones rather than limiting the accessibility to desktops.

Even brick-and-mortar stores can develop apps which can be used to spread information about products. Hence, when a customer visits the store, he/she is already aware of what he/she would like to purchase.


Mobile apps are a great way of creating social buzz. The apps have share buttons which can be used to circulate information on a larger scale. Moreover, extensive sharing via email and social media websites are an excellent way of gaining referrals.

A well-designed and functional app can go a long way in earning the trust of the customers. In this way it can be used to build brand loyalty, as users will definitely want to share the information among friends and relatives. Therefore, there can be a gradual increase in the number of people using a particular app.



An investment in a website or social networking site is useless if there is not enough traffic. A mobile app offers an adequate solution to this problem. Apps can be used to improve the volume of inbound traffic to a website. They are useful for generating information and leveraging sales.

The importance of an app lies in the fact that it is always accessible. Therefore, by developing an app, small businesses can improve their visibility to a large extent among target customers.

– Article by TRFFC MEDIA